The Markets are going down, what next?

This morning, the markets started off in the red, and they still are in the red as this blog is getting published. A lot of investors tend to get worried or usually get swayed by these market swings which usually keep happening in the short term. And yes, it is quite common and alright to be tensed, and emotionally attached to the markets when they are down 30% year to date and show very little hope for recovery.

But this is when it gets decided whether you as an investor will be successful or not, market cycles like these are common and if you broaden your perspective and look at all the historical data, you would be shocked to see that even after so many rough years at times, the markets still continue to hit 52-week highs by the time they recover. And yes it’s tough, at the moment to hold on and it is quite disturbing to see the way the markets are behaving, but in the long term, if you look at the bigger picture then they will recover.

5 years from today, when you look at your portfolio, you wanna be the one who actually patiently waited, bought the dip, and now is enjoying their portfolio in green. Not be the one on the other side who regrets not buying when an opportunity of a lifetime was literally handed out to you because they were either too scared to buy or panic sold all of their stocks.

So sit back, tighten your seat belts and get ready to embark on a new adventurous journey. I’ll end with a beautiful quote that summarises what I just said,

“When there’s blood on the street, get your shopping bags out”

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