When in Doubt, Zoom Out

‘When In Doubt, Zoom Out”

This quote pretty much explains itself, and what better time to understand the importance of it than now!
Times like these often test us with our emotions, patience, and most of all, our behaviour.
And if you feel tempted by these sudden market changes and if you are mentally drained after seeing your portfolio in the red for so long, then it’s time to zoom out. This is when you widen your lens of perspective and focus on the bigger picture. This is when you sit back patiently and wait for the markets to recover.
Instead of focusing on the short term, try to look at the long term. The most successful investors have been the ones who have been in the markets consistently for decades. They have gone through various crashes and market downfalls but guess what, they still come out at the top.
It may be hard to control your emotions and half of the decisions you make are influenced by those emotions that try to get the best out of you, every single day. So let’s look at the long term and soon, you find yourself and your portfolio in a much better place

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