Tesla's earnings were good, but not good enough

Tesla reported its earnings a few days back and while it did show pretty good numbers, its revenues were not up to the mark for the analysts on Wall Street.

Tesla posted a $21.45 Billion Revenue v/s $22.09 expected

EPS was $1.05 v/s $1.01

Shares of the EV giant fell by more than 5% after the company announced its results, but they said that the company still expects a 50% average annual growth rate on its vehicle deliveries.

In addition to that, Tesla is facing headwind over its year to year benchmarks and because of inefficiencies at Giga Berlin and the strengthening dollar, the sales abroad are being impacted as well. Not to mention the ongoing supply chain issue.

Despite these roadbumps, Wall Street has an average price target of $307 for Tesla and a high of $530. The company still leads the world’s transition to EV’s and clean energy.

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