The Bird is finally free

Recently, Elon Musk completed his acquisition of Twitter paying a full $54.20 per share which values the deal around $44 Billion. After a haul of 6 months, the deal finally came to a conclusion where both Twitter and Musk agreed to close their deal as a success today.

Musk immediately fired the former CEO of Twitter- Parag Agarwal, the CFO, and other senior members from Twitter, moments after the acquisition. He even fired the person who was responsible for banning Former United States President, Donald Trump’s account. Elon paid a visit to Twitter’s office just before finishing the deal in San Francisco where he met a few employees and was seen having a good time there.

The trading of Twitter’s shares was suspended for two straight days because of this acquisition and people holding Twitter’s stock will be paid a premium of $54.20 per share. The stock last closed at $53.70. Elon Musk says that his main purpose to buy Twitter is to help humanity by building an app called X. He believes Twitter is the best platform for healthy debates and discussions, etc.

Musk immediately removed all bans from any accounts on the platform including the former United States President, Donald Trump. After all those court hearings, discussions, and brainstorming, Musk finally got what he wanted for $44 Billion, and even though, almost everyone believes he overpaid for a company like Twitter, he believes that it will help humanity and serve his greater purpose.

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