The Fed has a meeting today, will it be a green or red day for the markets?

The Federal Reserve has a meeting today at 2 Pm ET. Fed chair, Jerome Powell is expected to raise the interest rates by 25 basis points and while the analysts on the Wall Street would love to see a 25 basis point hike, it is quite unlikely as this will be a decision that would either tame down the soaring inflation, or save the American economy form a financial crisis.

In the past few weeks, the financial economy of America has been struck hard by a few closedowns of banks. SVB, Credit Suisse, Signature Bank to name a few.

If the Fed hikes the rate by more than 25 BP, then it could be tough for the banks to navigate through the financial meltdown, while on the other hand inflation could lose the catalyst that it has been getting since the past 2 months if the rate hike is near around 25 BP.

Wall Street was completely green yesterday. Stocks rose in positive anticipation of the Fed meeting and there are really good signs of an upcoming bull run. Analysts hope for a small 25 point hike which could further help the financial situation and help stimulate the markets and the economy.

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