Apple officially says Hello to India!

Apple is set to launch its first ever flagship retail store in Mumbai named as the “Apple BKC”. Apple’s website says, “Hello Mumbai. We are getting ready to welcome you abroad our first store in India. And raring to see where creativity takes you at Apple BKC”

Apple had even released a set of new wallpapers to celebrate the opening of the new store in Mumbai. India has proved itself as an emerging country where the demand of Apple products has risen significantly quarter by quarter. The company’s store was long awaited as customers can finally get their hands on and experience what an Apple Store actually feels like.

Apple had also started its campaign “Make in India” where it focuses to not only produce in India but to also shift some of its Asia’s production from China to India because of lower costs and better support from the Indian government.

This is a major step up for Apple as it sets to embark on its journey in India.

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